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Re: Defining Table Width (Percent or Pixel)
From Mr. XXXXXXX at XXXXXXX Design on 18 April '98
adding to Re: Defining Table Width (Percent or Pixel) posted by Pat XXXXXXXXX

>> Unfortunately, the table will be forced off the edge of the
>>screen if they don't have the browser window ad wide as you think they
>>will. Sideways scrolling is annoying.

>good point. but that's why you make the width no more than 640 pixels.

my bad what i meant was 580 pixels, at maximum 610-615.

this is for various reasons like people on portable computers or if they don't have their browser maximized.

btw. no one mentioned that pixels are much more precise as for aligning text(and graphics) on bordered bg's, like C|NET or ZDNET, and alot of other site's for that matter. =]


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