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Re: becoming a www?
From Mr. XXXXXXX at XXXXXXX Design on 18 April '98
adding to Re: becoming a www? posted by Max

>3. Find an ISP to host the name as a "virtual"
> domain. Cost varies, but the cheapest I've
> found is at GeoCities - it's a $5 setup and $5/month
> (no pop-up ads, either!). There's NO TRACE of
> the Geocities servers in your email or pages. They
> offer a reasonably priced on-line ordering/paying module
> too.

The Geocities domain are really only front door's of a domain (so to speak =]).
The first url (your-name.com) forwards to the geocities site and that is the url that show up in the visitors [Location:] box.

_here's what was in their FAQ._

What will my visitors see in the location box on their browser when they visit my site?
Your visitors will be able to arrive at your site by entering your Virtual URL in their browser. When they get to your site, they will see your GeoCities URL displayed in the location box.

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Why won't my visitors see my Virtual URL in the location box?
In order to do this it would require substantially more equipment on the part of GeoCities and NameSecure and be substantially more expensive to you.

so if you really wanted your own site
i.e. make links like

you'd need something better than GeoCities provides.


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