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Re: What are all the different META tags for?
From Max on 20 April '98
adding to What are all the different META tags for? posted by Christine

>I know what some of the different META tags
> are like "keywords" , "desccription", "author".

>What I would like to know is what other
>ones are there?
lists the commonly used set, and has a useful set of links
at the bottom.

META tags are user-definable tags for headers, and can be
created for the specific use of the page creator: If you
were a zoo web site, having a META tag for "species" or
"habitat" might make sense. I often use META tags for
"product" because I can find all the pages for a specific
product that way.
Including the ones defined at htmlhelp.org, the tags are not
consistently treated by all browsers and search robots.


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