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the second letter
From A H at Robert's Hot Tubs on 22 April '98
adding to Web Crawler, only 25 pages indexed ? posted by Andrew Harris

so i figured I'd respond to him
wow, thanks for the quick response. I think I wasn't quite clear so let me use an example.......http://www.rhtubs.com/store/fragrance.htm.........normal web URL addy right ? indexable by every (I think) search engine. but, if you don't know the above "direct" url, and you get to that page from a link in our site it winds up as http://www.rhtubs.com/cgi-bin/store/getgo.exe?goto+fragrance.htm........a cgi generated page, non-indexable. its the first URL I want to register. but I got too many *L*. 25 huh ? hmmmmm, well, lets say I made a little boo boo and, ahhh, registered too many ? actually I didn't, its just that the 23 iv registered aren't what I would prefer to do 25 pages I can live with, just not the ones, or most of the ones iv already submitted. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Hi Andrew,
Here's the deal, just submit the most important pages that you want included in
our index and we'll do the best job we can getting them in. Obviously if you keep
submitting over the limit you won't have much luck. I can't guarantee the you
will even get the limit in. The main thing is to have your main page in our index
keeping in mind whatever you submit it won't get indexed if it is a cgi page. If
you have any other questions let me know.

interesting eh ? looks like i got an opening to ask him a bunch more questions :)

I'm looking for ideas on just what to ask, and how to ask, so i can look as unknolagable as posible about search engines. any sugestions would be great

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