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Re: Domain Name Registration Query
From Sean Kenny on 24 April '98
adding to Re: Domain Name Registration Query posted by Max

Thanks for the address Max!

My point was, apparently Internic's contract to provide addresses ran out after 5 years on March 31, and both the US govt and the European Union (I think) were arguing about new categories, doing away with all of the current ones, so that, for instance, it will be easier for schools and parents to block out any ".sex" sites, etc.,.

Does anyone have any more recent news/ conclusions? I don't want to buy a .com address, and then find out that all .com addresses cease to exist in the near future?

Thanks all! Greetings from wet London!


>>Didn't I hear somewhere that they may be
>>replaced shortly?
> Hardly, it's that the doom-mongers have noticed that most of
>the good names are taken.
>>Max, what's the name of that Internic-charge-only company!!??

>It's at http://www.register.com/ and it's $70 for the first
>two years.

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