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Re: Domain Name Registration Query
From Max on 24 April '98
adding to Re: Domain Name Registration Query posted by Sean Kenny

>both the US govt and the European Union (I think) were arguing about new categories,
>doing away with all of the current ones, so that, for instance, it will be easier for
>schools and parents to block out any ".sex" sites, etc.,.
OH, that discussion! They's have a lot of resistance from some really influential "COM" sites.
The proposal was actually to create a separate group for the porn sites so they could be more
easily blocked from schools, businesses, and politicians' offices. There was no discussion of
.COM going away, but perhaps a second business suffix added.

>I don't want to buy a .com address, and then find out that
>all .com addresses cease to exist in the near future?
It's political discussions. Have they ever been speedy? Don't worry about it.

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