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Re: Not in top 100 listing
From Max on 24 April '98
adding to Not in top 100 listing posted by Laurel Eby

>but we still don't
>show up in the top 100 on most of them.
I got 600,000+ documents back on a search for
"translation service" at altavista ... it's a very
crowded subject.

I don't think you got blacklisted, but your page
design is very poor. Read my other posts on getting
listed "Re: Sorry, thats Heading tags as opposed Font tags."
is one, and there are others either in April or March.about
keywords and page structure.
All those graphics links bump the important text describing your
services waaaaay to the bottom of the page, and robots DO NOT
see layout. They read ASCII. They are suckers for HTML tags indicating


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