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Found interesting code in competiters website
From David Notestine at Crown Jewels FREE Healing Stone Search and Wirecrafted jewelry on 05 April '98
Sorry for the mess on last posting. Do not know how to type a 'less than' or 'greater than' sign and keep the board from changing it.

Found the following code at the number one ranking of one of my searchwords. I understand the ALT part, but notice the path to the image.

Are paths read by robots and if so are they given a higher importance?

Would it matter if the .gif was only one pixel?

img src="spiritual%20new%20age%20images/spiritual%20world.gif"
alt="SPIRITUAL ENDEAVORS WWW; Spiritual, Holistic,
Environmental Spirituality, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Metaphysics,
NewAge, New-Age, Channeling, Channelings, Seth,
Jane Roberts. Spiritual NewAge
Metaphysical Channeling with Seth and
Jane Roberts for Enlightenment.
Spirituality, Channeling, Jane Roberts,
Seth, and Metaphysical Enlightenment
from Higher Self." width="99" height="76"

Another subject:
I notice some keyword meta tags have a space after the comma and others do not. Any difference?

Does the following help with the SEs if a keyword is 'newage'?
BASE HREF="http://www.moonphase.com/newage/"

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