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Re: Can't get listed - . fontcolor = bgcolor =the kiss of death
From Bob Perlman on 27 April '98
adding to Can't get listed posted by Oliver Kopplin

>Tough I list my customers pretty high
>(anywhere from top 50 to top 200 subject
>to products and services offered) I can't
>seem to get listed anywhere with my site.
>Tough I used every possible way of listing
>(including use of spider) I can't seem to
>see my site anywhere especially in the big
>ones such as Yahoo. We are still under re-
>construction but it really shouldn't matter.
>Has it something to do with the new site being
>a framed site? What am I doing wrong? Any help
>or suggestions will gladly welcomed.


If you look at my post to Laura below, "Not in top 100 - I know why", I am pretty sure that is what is happening to you too. I am quite sure the deep engines are now penalizing for font color and background color that are the same. Again, the workaround is to change the background color and then put in a background image of the original background color. I would do this before I gave up on the frames

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