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Re: IMG attribute ALT a home for keywords?
From Pat Escalante on 27 April '98
adding to Re: IMG attribute ALT a home for keywords? posted by David Notestine

The information I am reading concerns me as my
next step for my site is to make it accessible
to the blind. One of the key ways of doing so
is to mark all images and link buttons with
the alt So now that i am listed basically
where i want to be listed and how i want to be
listed i don't want to screw it up when the
engines come back through(which they do seem to
do frequently)but I also really want to make
this site accessible for voice programs. darn!
>Lots of info in this site about this subject. Try doing a search on 'alt' using the search text box on the discussion index page located at the top on the previous page.

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