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Re: adding sounds to a page
From Norma on 28 April '98
adding to adding sounds to a page posted by paul

>'d like to add a small .wav file to a button The tag I thought I'd use
> would be then image tag and anchor. When I do it this way a small
> window pops up to play the sound. I don't want the window- If you'd
> like to see my page and the example is the very first buton on my
> page. Thanks, Paul http://www.paulonline.com/tollfree Untill now I
> have never wanted or needed to use sounds, so it's something I have
> never looked into..

Place the following code in the Head section of your page (after the important Meta Tags) for sound in Internet Explorer 3.0 and up. For Netscape browsers, you'll probably have to resort to Java or JavaScript to launch plugins. Here's the line for IE:
<bgsound src="filename.wav" loop="-1">
Replace 'filename.wav' with the name of your wave file and replace "-1" with the number of times you want the wave to play. Leave this alone if want it to play forever. This should take care of of the IE portion of your question. It may take some digging to find the right script solution for your Netscape browser users, but there many of them out there, with tutorials if you need it.
Bye for now, Norma

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