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Re: Sorry, thats Heading tags as opposed Font tags.
From Max on 28 April '98
adding to Re: Sorry, thats Heading tags as opposed Font tags. posted by Pat

>> Text inside heading tags is given more weight than text in paragraphs,
>where'd you get this info?
It's in the algorithms used for computer indexing, which are discussed in several
totally boring books and scholarly articles. SGML, the parent of HTML, is widely used
in business and industry because the structure makes it easy for computers to index
and retrieve, assigning relevance rankings based on structure and position within
the document.

>what engines use this method to rank performance? HotBot?
Any of them might be doing it. The algorithms for dissecting SGML for relevance are
widely known. I'll run an experiment I just thought of and let you know the results.

>I can tell you using headings from a design point of view stinks. you've got to
>make a whole new paragraph just to have two lines right next to each other
I'm not talking about using headings for their looks, I'm talking about
creating a document whose structure contains elements that text indexing programs
can understand. A heading, with a few of your keywords, followed immediately by
a paragraph that expounds on those keywords, repeating those keywords, will have
a lot more success than the same words tarted up with FONT tags.

>well anyways i thought that it words were ranked in importance on their frequency
>and closeness to the top of the page.
And their structural tags ... but you can't stick the whole page into H1 tags without
being penalized by having everything the same relative importance, as well as having a
really ugly page.

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