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Stuck at 60 hits/day
From Pat Abarra at Immigration attorney: green cards and visas on 28 April '98
Hello all:

I have been working on this site that seems stuck
on getting only 60 hits a day. It's been like
this for a while. I'm at a loss
as to how to improve things. I know that the
design sucks, but my boss wants to keep the
load time fast. Is the font color too close to
the bkgd? Is the fact that we're on
Geocities hurting us with the engines? We're changing
to their Geoshops/virtual domain program. We
put in meta tags last week but don't seem to
notice any differences.
I have submitted to all the major ones but seem
stuck at really bad positions. I've heard
people say to focus on content, but how does that explain
other sites with poor content getting higher
listing? What am I missing? TIA!

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