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Re: What hidden text?
From Bob Perlman on 28 April '98
adding to What hidden text? posted by Laurel Eby

>>I believe I know exactly what has happend. You have hidden text on your page that matches the background color. I believe most of the search engines look for this now and penalize heavily for it. The workaround is to put a background image(white in your case) and change the background color to gray or something.

>Hidden text? As far as I can tell, and believe me, I've looked very closely, I haven't got any text on my page that's the same color as the background. If you're seeing something I'm not, could you point it out to me?

>Otherwise, thanks for the advice.

It looks like you have changed the page since the last time I checked (I seem to remember the menu bar on the left) and now there is no hidden text. If you haven't already done so I would submit the page to Infoseek and see what happens.

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