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Excite and Webcrawler
From iestyn on 29 April '98
I work for a company that creates websites, and it is (part of)
my job to get sites in the top 10 (or so) of
the major search engines.
Since i have taken over this role (and the results we get
are SO much better...)i have had a problem getting ANY
listing in both excite and webcrawler - none
of my submitted pages EVER gets indexed.
This IS quite annoying to say the least!
I believe that it may have been because the way we used to do it
was to get a HUGE amount of keywords (about
100 or so, then repeat the whole list 8 times on a page
(800+ words). Also it was a case of same colour text/background...
which is NOT a good thing.....
So my question is if i have been banned from the indexes,
how do i find out if i have? and what next? -
i really do need to be in these search engines....

Do they ban the submitters IP address, or where the site that's being submitted's
IP address? or both?

If anyone out there can help me with this, i'd be extremely grateful....



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