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Re: getting ahead of copycats
From Max on 29 April '98
adding to getting ahead of copycats posted by Webjefita

>This is a little off-topic, but I'm trying to
>promote my site because people are copying my
>content from it

I hate to rain on your parade, but you are copying your content from
others without thinking anything of it, and are as guilty as the persons
you are complaining about:
There's a problem with posting lyrics - they are the creation of
the songwriter, and it's violating their copyright by publishing them
without their permission. You don't even give them credit, so I doubt if
you asked if it was OK to publish them on your web page. The major lyrics
sites on the net got shut down because of that issue.
The English translations, if your work, are not a violation.
The photo either belongs to the Houston Chronicle OR to the photographer
who took it. Have you asked for permission to use it?

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