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Re: Excite listing going up and down and disappearing
From Meg at Comco Presents Mail and Data Help on 08 July '98
adding to Excite listing going up and down and disappearing posted by Patrick

>Has anyone had problems with excite.

Yes!!! Several days ago we noticed that a number of our pages had disappeared on Excite, so for the last few days I've been going through the results of past WebPosition runs trying to figure out which pages are gone and when they disappeared. But instead of discovering that our pages disappeared on a certain date (what I had thought I would find) I have found that our pages have been disappearing little by little over the last month.

Even more confusing to me, while the total number of our pages has been declining, those pages that Excite does return, varies. For example, during a variety of searches run on June 8 for our targeted keywords, Excite brought up 22 of our different pages. A little more than a week later, on June 18, Excite returned only 15 pages, and of these 15 pages, 8 were pages that were not returned on the earlier June 8 searches.

If Excite were gradually taking our pages, I would figure we had done something to irritate Excite. But that doesn't seem to be what Excite is doing. Although the total number of our pages is decreasing, Excite is returning new pages (new as in pages that weren't returned during a previous search, not as in pages that we just created) during each search. It's just that our total number is decreasing because Excite is dropping more of our pages than it is adding. Right now Excite can only find 14 pages of our more than 300 page site.

So Patrick, it sounds like we might be in the same boat.
Take a look at this Virtual Promote thread. I posted my problem there and I believe have gotten some good advice.


Any other advice however would be Welcome!

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