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From Jim on 30 April '98
adding to Front Page Problem posted by Robert Malkin

Starting your HTML learning curve with FP is
tantamount to selling your soul to the devil.

For a few sweet moments of "nice features" you'll
spend the rest of your days cursing the day you
set up your site with these inflexible "extensions",
reams of unnecessary code cluttering up your pages
and users asking you why your pages don't load
properly, or worse still, disappearing without waiting.

REAL editors like WebEdit or Hotdog will show
you the code so you can see what's going on, and
you'll have much nicer pages in the end, despite
a longer learning curve.

FP users say to me "I can't be bothered learning
HTML, I'm too busy and it's unnecessary". In that
case, why bother with a Web site at all? I say if
it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly.

You may have guessed that I'm not a big fan of FP.

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