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Re: Front Page Problem
From Wayne Mumford at Frontier Filmworks on 01 May '98
adding to Front Page Problem posted by Robert Malkin

>In you artical "Three Reasons To Avoid MS FrontPage" of the "The deadlock Despatch - January 98" you write;
>"C. Here's the killer. In order to use FrontPage, you need special files installed on your server, called 'FrontPage server extensions'. THESE FILES CAUSE SEARCH ENGINE ROBOTS TO IGNORE YOUR META TAGS COMPLETELY.".
>I have 3 questions for you.
>A. Is this the files or just the way the positioning of the META tags are in the HTML code it writes (you had a referance to this in one of your articles)?
>B. Do you have a favorite HTML editor.
>C. How much ease of use am I going to loose with another editor?

As you can tell by my botched intial reply to this I am left-brained, I am also
using a Mac...
For those folks out there who are doing the same I am finding BBedit to be a good
editor. Although I just started with it, it is miles ahead of anything else I've used
so far and it is now built into Dreamweaver for the Mac crowd.

Lots of useful features besides not turning your code into the Dead Sea Scrolls, templates, includes,
scripting, and easy macros.

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