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Re: getting ahead of copycats
From Max on 02 May '98
adding to Re: getting ahead of copycats posted by Barry Getty

>Whilst being a nice and very moral answer -
>it doesn't answer the question at hand.
Hiding HTML code is a non-question. It can't be done.
Hiding the CGI and other things that produce a page on the fly is
possible, but the HTML they create is not hideable.
>I have seen it done on other sites - so there must be
>some way of hiding the source for a page.
>Does anyone know how to do this?
There are pages that use cheap tricks, like putting many
lines of paragraph returns before the HTML starts, to make
it look like there is no HTML code, but the truth of the way
the Web works is that your server HAS to send my browser the
HTML code so the page will show up on my screen. Once it is
here, I can save it to a file and look at it with anything I


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