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Re: 1/2 w/ www. 1/2 w/o
From Eve at Webmania Designs Free Greeting Cards on 03 May '98
adding to 1/2 w/ www. 1/2 w/o posted by Andrew

I don't know if this answers your question but I don't imagine that infoseek's spider looks at URL's the way we do. It just sees that the URL is different than what it has and lists it. I wouldn't personally recommend that you do the same unless you know that a person might search for your domain name both ways (I know that people do mine) and you could just list you index(s) that way and not every page. It doesn't seem to me like it would be worth the risk to be considered a "spammer" and get your site kicked off the search engine all together.

I do know that Yahoo would consider it spamming, as they consider submitted more than one or two index's as spamming UNLESS you are already listed with them (I know this for a fact since I changed the name of my various greeeting pages from say eastercard.html to index.html and asked my Yahoo guy if it would be considered spamming and the answer above is what he gave me and he changed all 25 of pages to index.html)

Besides, I think one good listing with an eye catching description is better than two that say the same thing, which is what you would have with a duplicate listing you described (the only difference would be one has a www. and the other doesn't)

Hope this answers your question. Eve

>infoseek only gives one result for each domain, but i noticed a site that apears to have submitted 1/2 its pages as http://www.yoursite .com, and 1/2 as http://yoursite.com.........

>they frequently get two listing back to back in the results.

>so, is this leagitimate ? a loop hole ? or considered spamming that IS is going to nail you on ??

>any comments would be helpful :)

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