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Re: Same META tags on all site pages.
From Max Khat on 06 April '98
adding to Same META tags on all site pages. posted by Craig Eiser

>Can you put the same 200 keywords
>(in your META tag) on each page
>in your site or must you divide them up?

I've been watching users - the secretaries
at work, surfing during their lunch hours -
they will go BACK to the search engine and
select a DIFFERENT site if they don't find
what they thought they were going to find at
the other end of a link.
Even if the first page is full of links to
one site, they will go to another page to
avoid going back to the site that disappointed

FYI: The optimum length for keywords is far less
than 200 WORDS (200 characters is one engine's limit,
and 255 characters it the usual limit).
Each set of keywords should reflect what
is on EACH page. For example, if I've done
up a site for "Granny's Garden Gnomes", the
keywords on her ordering page (and the title
as well) would include "order information".
The page of gardening tips would not contain
the words "ordering information", but would be
optimizes to be findable for people looking for
gardening information. A link on the page
offers them a chance to go to the index and
peruse the rest of the site.

>How about the same description?
Only if the pages are identical ...
The description is what lets the visitor
select which link to pick on a search engine,
so describe EXACTLY what you have on that
page to let them make a good choice. Give
them a chance to go right to the information
they want to see.


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