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Re: Not in top 100 listing - Me Neither!
From Michelle at Uno Mas ! Down Syndrome Online on 07 May '98
adding to Re: Not in top 100 listing - I know why posted by Max

>you don't use proper HTML. FONT SIZE=7 is just another paragraph
>to a search robot, but the same words inside H1 tags get the
>robot's attention and become IMPORTANT.<<<

Wow, this is fascinating. I have been trying like crazy to get my page to show up on the search engines .. with absolutely no luck! The wierd thing is that mine is not all that competetive of a market. I think,(don't we all?) that my site is unique and have been frustrated to find it ignored.

However. I have avoided using the Heading tags because I don't like what they do to the appearance of the font I chose. I had no idea it mattered much, thanks for the input.

I would appreciate any other input on whatever mistakes I am making. Please feel free to offer whatever criticism you have. You would all be doing me a tremendous favor!


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