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Re: Before I do this what do you think?
From Angelo Coppola at Vitrix on 07 May '98
adding to Before I do this what do you think? posted by Patrick

You can always make the background color extremely close the text color as well. That way even if a visitor has backgrounds 'turned off'
it should still look ok. I had to do this on my site, because I have a black background and a white table with black text. In order to avoid
being penalized, I made the background color un-noticeably off-black.

>I saw this on another site and was wondering what your opions are and if there are any possible penalties from the search engines.

>On the site a background color was listed and a background image was used. The text with keywords was then on the site matching the background image.
>The text was invisible and was a differnt #xxxxx then the background color.
>It seems to me like a good way of getting a higher ranking in the search engines.

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