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Re: Before I do this what do you think?
From Max on 07 May '98
adding to Before I do this what do you think? posted by Patrick

>I saw this on another site and was wondering what your opions are
>and if there are any possible penalties from the search engines.
They are aware of the trick, and may already know how to counter
it. The FONT color codes are robot-readable.

>The text was invisible and was a differnt #xxxxx then the background color.
>It seems to me like a good way of getting a higher ranking in the search engines.

Unless the visitor is accepting your defaults, they will see all the text you are trying to
hide. Nothing screams "lame page design" as loudly as seeing masses of repeated keywords
the designer thinks they are hiding (or those big blank spots full of keywords that match the
I have my browser set for black text on a cream background, which overrides your scheme.

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