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Re: Foul Play?
From Jim on 08 May '98
adding to Re: Foul Play? posted by Rob Snell

>And just because we ARE paranoid doesn't
>mean some people ARE *NOT* out to get us.

OK, let me put it another way. If somebody IS
taking time out to resubmit your pages all day
long in order to get you penalised, there's really
not all that much you can do about it, except
write to the search engine admin.

However, the culprits will be very sad individuals
who won't last two minutes on the Net if they
spend their time doing this kind of thing instead
of working on their own site. Yes, I've recommended
resubmitting others' pages, but only once, to
see if they'll be dropped for keyword repetition.

To find out more about how to beat people who
are victimising you, check out the article I wrote
in the April Despatch.

>BTW I really like this program. I've had it about
>a month and it has paid for the cost of the
>program in time saved.

>Dad says thanks for the new boat. 75% of profits
>come from Search Engine traffic...

For anyone reading this, Rob is referring to his
purchase of Webposition

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