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Re: Excite site descriptions
From Brian on 10 May '98
adding to Excite site descriptions posted by Scott

>Anyone out there got any good tricks for controlling what excite uses as your site description? The ones is "creates" are not usually the best. In one case it uses javascript code for the description of my site?!?! Any help is appreciated

If you absolutley don't need the javascript... drop it. Excite reads hidden fields, and lo, javascript lies within hidden fields.
About 6 months ago Excite had my site indexed and the desriptions were full of the script. We dicided to bag the script for a relevant return.
If the script is just used for a image swap trick or something, you have to ask yourself is a cheap trick worth more than a relevant site description.
Excite said it was "fixing" the javascript problem 5 months ago... not sure what they meant by that...


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