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Re: Read why Yahoo sent me..( cut and pasted E-mail )
From Bob at The Maui Vacation Rentals Network on 11 May '98
adding to Read why Yahoo sent me..( cut and pasted E-mail ) posted by paul

I think the problem is that they are confusing those rollover headings in your menubar as links that don't work. I'd get rid of them and resubmit and see what happens. Also I think you might consider dropping a few of the links to your information request form. It would shorten up the menubar some more which wouldn't hurt the look of your page which is otherwise pretty slick.

>The URL you submitted
>was not added to Yahoo! because the site appears to be substantially
>under construction.
>We appreciate the time you took to list your site with us, and we look
>forward to adding it once the underlying content is more fully

>Now, I need your help.....Please fellow webmasters, look at my site and tell me, does it look under construction?..We can all find flaws in everybody's work. But I this they're out-of-line. Let me know what you think..You can E-mail me at paul@paulonline.com and the url is http://www.paulonline.com Thanks for your input....Paul

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