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Re: Read why Yahoo sent me..( cut and pasted E-mail )
From NightFly ~* at deadlock Design on 11 May '98
adding to Read why Yahoo sent me..( cut and pasted E-mail ) posted by paul

Hello Paul,

I think everyone of us have received this
letter at on point in time. :(

My suggestion to you is this ...

There is no *substantial* content in your
index. Yahoo! looks at this page and if
their is nothing there, if there is a bad
attempt at a quick redirect using the re-
fresh tag, or if the page is just plain
lousy they will not list it.

Instead try promoting your second page w/
all the content. That's what they're after
and I imagine you'll have no problem
getting it listed.

Or, instead of promoting ...


... promote this one ...


Good luck ~*

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