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Re: Before I do this what do you think?
From Pat on 12 May '98
adding to Before I do this what do you think? posted by Patrick

this was a new technique way back during the Mozilla 2.0 days. when you could first designate a bg color other than grey.

putting text color the same as the background and repeating keywords down the page was probably the first trick dreamed up by porn
site designers and weekend warrior's.

not only will some search engines (Infoseek being one I believe) penalise you for this, but it's just plain amateurish and their are
plenty of other way's to bring closer to #1 on the lists.

>I saw this on another site and was wondering what your opions are and if there are any possible penalties from the search engines.

>On the site a background color was listed and a background image was used. The text with keywords was then on the site matching the background image.
>The text was invisible and was a differnt #xxxxx then the background color.
>It seems to me like a good way of getting a higher ranking in the search engines.

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