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Re: Same META tags on all site pages.
From Ronny Skog on 07 April '98
adding to Same META tags on all site pages. posted by Craig Eiser

200 Keywords is FAR to many! In your list of keywords always write the most important keywords first (engines "veight" keyvords according to position)and limit the number of repitisions (several repeats of the same keyword/simular keywords will get lower rankings at most engines). Consentrate on your 3-5 most important keywords.

Now, if you want 200 keywords I suppose you got a whole bunch of things to sell. The ting to to do is make ONE PAGE FOR EACH PRODUCT (or line of products) and make spearate keywords for each page relating to the spesiffic product/service. This way you are more likly to get a TOP position on each keywords (you got no chance with 200 keywords at the same page).

The discription schold relflect the acctual contenst of the site and be different for each site.

Do not submit several identical pages to the same engine, this will lower the quality of the engin contest (imagine if everyone did that) and possibily get you banned if discovered.

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