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Re: Not in top 100 listing - Me Neither!
From K. Stepp at Information City on 12 May '98
adding to Re: Not in top 100 listing - Me Neither! posted by Michelle Again

I submit my dog site (chazhound.com) about once
a month to the main engines and show up in
most all of them under my keywords. So I
would say not to submit them more than
once per month, unless you don't show up or
you are launching a site.
I just submitted two pages of our new site.
I submitted to Infoseek to test them.
One page did not show up. And one page showed
up for my main keyword at #33.
Why wouldn't it take my main page(index.html)
Does anyone have any ideas why this page
would not be accepted by Infoseek?
Thanks much in advance.

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