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I Got Listed on Yahoo!!!!
From Pat Escalante at Dog Chats on 13 May '98
Okay ya'll I have struggled with this for awhile
and I just wanna let you know what I did. I don't
really understand it myself? I have been trying
for quite a while to get listed and would periodically
check yahoo to see if I had gotten through. I
received no responses to my submissions and had
all but given up. As you can see by the title
of one of my pages the site is about dog chats.
I recently had to move the dog chat I founded to
my site and so I decided to list it on yahoo's net
events. While I was at it I decided to list the
main site as well. Well I recieved an email 10 hours
later saying my net event page had been added but
still no response for my entire site. Then while
just surfing around one day I found a check your
status program and decided to enter keywords "dog chats"
for yahoo. Low and behold I was number one!!
and number 3 for the dog directory category(a suggestion
that I have made to yahoo every time I tried
to submit my site) .
pretty bizarre huh?

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