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Desperation with Altavista and Yahoo
From Jan Nebendahl at Fondsinvestor der Direkt Anlage Bank on 14 May '98

I am having quite a problem since my boss told
me that he wants my pages listed in the search
engines at the top or in the top ten.

The page is a Database for the Analysis of
Investment Funds. It is made up of frames and
a login is necessary (THX to marketing) to get
to the content.

The word that is the critical one for the search
is "fonds" (german for funds).

I am using the title:
"2 Mio. Fonds im Fonds Investor der Direkt Anlage Bank zur Analyse"

and a little text in the noframes tag.

So here are my questions:
1. Should I write the word "Fonds" in small letters?
2. Is Yahoo indexing pages with a login procedure ?
3. How comes, that on Altavista there is a page on top
(search for fonds) that has no meta info, no text with
"fonds" in it and only a title where it fonds is mentioned ?

I am quite desperate, I would be grateful for any hint.
(except for "don't use frames" :) )



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