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Re: Desperation with Altavista and Yahoo
From Max on 14 May '98
adding to Desperation with Altavista and Yahoo posted by Jan Nebendahl

>I am having quite a problem since my boss told
>me that he wants my pages listed in the search
>engines at the top or in the top ten.

He might as well insist that you deliver good weather
for the company picnic, or get his son a date with
Kate Winslett. Trying to be on top in a single-word
search is ridiculous, because there are 20,000 documents
in their database that show up on a search for "fonds"
(and that was just the German search!).

>The page is a Database for the Analysis of
>Investment Funds. It is made up of frames and
>a login is necessary (THX to marketing) to get
>to the content.
In that case, you are not going to be able to do it!
No robot will go past the frames, and Yahoo is unlikely to
get a password just to evaluate your site.

>So here are my questions:
>1. Should I write the word "Fonds" in small letters?
You mean LOTS of times? That will get you dumped from
almost every search engine. They DO NOT like attempts
to manipulate their usefulness to their customers (and your
comapny is NOT their customer, the persons using them to
find information are the customers).

>2. Is Yahoo indexing pages with a login procedure ?
Not often - they might make an exception for places
like the NY Times. The first part of their process is
to send a robot out to see if the page is there: robot
runs into the log-in screen and times out. They don't
bother to find out why, they just go on to the next submission.
It's the site's job to make the pages robot-friendly and
to make the YAHOO indexer's job as easy as possible.

>I am quite desperate, I would be grateful for any hint.
>(except for "don't use frames" :) )
If your boss wants to show up well in searches, the site
has to be designed the way the search engines want or need it
to be designed.
Which is more important to him - frames or gettin listed

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