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Re: Any way to get rid of that pop up window?
From Pat on 14 May '98
adding to Any way to get rid of that pop up window? posted by Ian Walker

>I have set up a secure location
>on my web hosting service for an
>order form.

No site can be secure w/o a Verisign cert.

I think Netscape and MSIE look for this when they
go to a "secure" page.

>it seems as though I need to sign up with
>Verisign. But that's a lot of money! Is there
>anyway I can have them go to my order form
>without this window popping up, and without
>having to pay Verisign that hefty fee for a certificate?
>I know there's a gotta be a trick to it, help me Jim!

Some hosting services, I use valueweb.net, but I know there are
others. Allow you to use their verisign cert for nothing but the 20 dollars you pay anyways.
To send secure forms. I know Jim uses (olm.net) for his secure order form.

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