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Real Name System
From Bob at Maui Vacation Rentals Network on 15 May '98
I just did an Alta Vista Search for my main keywords and there at the top of the list was an entry that read "Subscribe your company, brands and trademarks to the Real Name System." It said that my selected keywords were still available and that for forty bucks I could get that "Real Name" associated with my site.

I clicked on the link and went to the site to check it out. Apparently these people have made a deal with Alta Vista to get their message out. When I looked again I realized that even though they had the top entry in the search results it wasn't numbered. Because of the clever positioning they were implying that by signing up for a "Real Name" you would come out first in an Alta Vista search of your keywords. I did a few more searches to see if I could find anyone who had signed up with their system who was also coming up first on an Alta Vista search but all I found was their very clever ad at the top of the search results. I've gone back to their site several times to see if I could figure out if they had struck some sort of deal with Alta Vista to have their subscribers come out on top. Although they do have a press release announcing a strategic partnership with Alta Vista their is no mention made of a link between membership and AltaVista position if someone happens to type in your keywords.

I'm still trying to get a handle on this and if they indeed do get you to the top of the heap for $40 it would be worth it for me and probably alot of other people too. I am interested in hearing any comments on this.

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