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Re: Real Name System
From Max on 15 May '98
adding to Real Name System posted by Bob

>I'm still trying to get a handle on this
If you register your company name, trademarked product names (not keywords - you have to
have trademarked names) with them, you can supposedly be easier to find when a user types
in the keyword at a participating search engine.
For example, if you typed in NISSAN at the participating search engine, it would take you
directly to the front page of NISSAN (oddly, www.nissan.com is not it - that URL belongs
to a software company in North Carolina).
I see many ways for this to backfire: I type "Surf" and instead of links about surfing
I am whisked to Procter and Gamble's page about their detergent of the same name. They should
have some sort of a "find this company or product" checkbox, or else it's akin to browser-jacking.

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