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Re: Any way to get rid of that pop up window?
From David Notestine at Crown Jewels free healing stone database search and handmade wirewrap jewelry. on 15 May '98
adding to Any way to get rid of that pop up window? posted by Ian Walker

I tried to go the SecureOrder route but way too much money and hassles even though I already had a Credit Card merchant account. Try the link above and look at the text in the white frame. If its safe for our country's nuclear weapons then it is safe enough for me. This is working great and people love it. I am using PerlShop (link at bottom of page 'inside' my shop). This is all explained in a book called Drag and Drop CGI (by Weil & Baron published by Addison Wesley Developers Press) which has 3 chapters on PerlShop (Free and included on CD rom in book). PGP encryption is downloaded from many sites but was easily installed as it is made available by my server provider: BHCom.com. The book gives you the code changes to make in PerlShop (only one or two lines). People can safely order and all this for free except for the price of the book. Isn't the web great where the little guy 'still' has the same chance as the 'big' guy?

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