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Infoseek ranking criteria
From Damon Lightley on 15 May '98
Hi there, here's a scenario relating to Infoeseek that all you savvy web promoters will be interested in. I have developed a doorway page or bridge page etc, that focuses on a specific keyword for promoting my website. I did not adopt any spamming tactics and abided by the Infoseek submission rules. The first time I submitted my site to Infoseek I included meta-tags. The result was I obtained a No1 listing for that keyword. A day or so later I checked my ranking with webposition and found that my site was not even in the top 30. I looked at the competition and decided to remove the meta-tags on my doorway page and re-submitted my site - the result was that I once again achieved a No1 ranking . Again, a day or so later I checked my ranking and had slipped out of the top 30. I resubmitted my site, this time with meta-tags and still can't get any vsisbility in the top 30. Does anyone know why this has happened? How often is Infoseek changing its ranking criteria? Does anyone know what its present ranking criteria is? - I'm bewildered...

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