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Re: Promotion Artist Testimonials Wanted
From Darryl Brown on 15 May '98
adding to Promotion Artist Testimonials Wanted posted by Johnn Four

>Sorry, I meant to title my request "Promotion Artist
>Testimonials Wanted". I'm not looking for Tagmaster


John I have just recently purchased Tagmaster. I have played around with it
enough to know that when it comes time for me to add meta tag Info to my pages it
will save me a huge amount of time. If you have alot of pages it's a must.
Especially if you need to change the order of your key words. It's very easy to use. if you
can use it then you need serious help. It's that easy. If you don't like it i'll
give you your money back. It's only 20 bucks.

P.S Jim do you still have my Acct # to deposit my commision....just kidding download it you won't regret it.

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