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Here is a good idea
From Brandon Blum on 15 May '98
Jim,while I was doing some clients sites today I was thinking about some submitting techniques and I thought of something, as I read on your page you can look up words from competitors sites and take their meta tags if you widh and add some of your own, but since all search engines would be different and you wouldn't be number one on each one, if you do it to each search engine that uses meta's, submit one to that search engine that you took from a site you looked up with those keywords, submit it, wait until it has been indexed and has shot to number one, then go to the next search enginge, look up a keyword you tihnk people will look for take those meta's delete your old ones, and then submit to the new search engine. If you are patient at this technique I think it'll make you it more succesful, what do you think? Although you must be patient I am going to give it a try on some new sites and see what happens?!?L8er,Brandon

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