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Re: frames
From fab on 16 May '98
adding to Re: frames posted by Max

use a 1color bgpicture instead of a bgcolor , then make the text the same color as the picture color...

> For one - getting rid of the frames would help. They are not
>easy for the robots to search, and users can't bookmark anything
>but the top page.
> Then make sure the HTML is impeccable: none of the FONT kluges and
>misused tags to force appearance. You need REAL headings. You also
>need META keyword and description tags. And don't cram keywords all
>over the pages trying to bias the search engines. They can easily
>detect it and penalize the site, or ban it altogether.

>> Will the search engines penalize me if I make it invisible?
> Search engines are starting to ignore text that is made the same color
>as the background.

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