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Re: Hidden source nonsense
From fab on 16 May '98
adding to Re: Hidden source nonsense posted by Max

asp is for active server pages.
it's server side scripting, vbscript from microsoft.

there was a problem some months ago that you were able to add a point . at the end of the url, like anydomain.com/file.asp. and get the source. but times have changed.

only when the asp.exe on the server is down, and you try to load an asp file, you're asked to save it to your harddisk as .exe

then you can do it, and open it with notepad and look at the source.

>I can see the source (a whole bunch of links in a table) just fine.

>>What does the .asp extension mean?
> It's the extension used by one brand of web server software. Looks like and works
>like HTML from the user end.

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