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Re: you mean auto refresh ?
From fab on 17 May '98
adding to Re: you mean auto refresh ? posted by Andrew


but there are also response.redirects and auto-refreshs that are useful. for example when you've moved a page.

what about a page that sais "this page has moved to anywhere...", stored on a different free server like xoom ... ?

and then describe what the page is about. of course with a text that has a lot of strong keywords in there.

i don't want to waist your time, just think about every possibility... :)
imo every repeted keyword is cheating. but who's not cheating isn't trying hard enough.


>>what about do a redirect with a script? cgi, asp

>>do they also notice that?

>yep. and even if they don't it's not allowed. as soon as one of youe competitors sees it they'll "tell on you"

>I'v done it myself to get a better ranking. as someone once said to me, ask yourself if you're trying to trick or cheat the search engine, if you answer yes, forget it. you run the risk of getting banned from the search engine. best case the page will get banned, worst case your whole site will get banned. the engines are getting smarter every day, if they dont catch it today, they will tomorrow.

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