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Re: you mean auto refresh ?
From Max on 17 May '98
adding to Re: you mean auto refresh ? posted by fab

>but there are also response.redirects and
>auto-refreshs that are useful.
Yes, if a real page has really moved, it's very useful. But if you create a
bunch of "feeder pages", don't be surprised to find the page they point to has
dropped off the search engines altogether.

>what about a page that sais "this page has moved to anywhere...",
>stored on a different free server like xoom ... ?
It is very easy to program a robot to IGNORE any page with a META REFRESH
tag in the header. That way, only the legitimate redirects, from real pages that
have actually moved, are ever visited.
If you create a fresh page at A that points to B ... free service A will probably
cancel your pages. They want CONTENT, not pointers to your other pages.

If you spent as much time creating content and cultivating crosslinks as you apparently do
trying to figure out how to get the better of the search engines' AI-NLP algorithms, your site
would have better traffic.

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