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Re: To spam or not to spam
From Peter Rotgers on 18 May '98
adding to Re: To spam or not to spam posted by Max

Don't be afraid Max, the word *photo* was just
an example.

In *Secrets to Achieving a TOP 100 Position*
I read:

* USE LONGER KEYWORDS: In general, choose the
longer form of a keyword. The reason is a
concept called Word stemming.
Therefore, putting the word *consulting* in
the META tag will likely come up on searches
for both *consult* and *consulting*. *

Again my question:
Let's assume that I want to be found by
people who are looking for the word

If I put the following in my META
keywords, would this be a good strategy:
consult, consults, consulting, consultancy,
consultant, consultation, consultative,

Would this help? Could I get penalized?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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