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Re: oops, i think i got banned
From Bill Meador at Mir Fox & Rodriguez CPA & Consulting on 18 May '98
adding to oops, i think i got banned posted by Andrew Harris

>i think, no, i know i got banned from webcrawler. i dont know why or what i did wrong.

It possible that you got banned, but I think its just as possible that Webcrawler has been arbitrary for awhile. They even admit on their Add Url page that they accidentally drop pages that have been in the database.

My firm has had the same pages in Webcrawler for several months. All of the sudden Webcrawler decided to drop several pages and keep the rest. Initially, I would just resubmit the pages and see what happens. You also might want to check Excite and see if you lost any of your pages on that search engine.

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