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Re: Testimonials wanted
From Ronny Skog on 18 May '98
adding to Tagmaster Testimonials wanted posted by Johnn Four

I have tryed out the Promotion Artist but I`m not very happy with the way it presently is working.

1.In Promotion Artist there is very bad report options making it impossible to be sure the engines really do accept the page submitted. I would feel safer submitting to the top 10 manually instead of using Promotion Artist.

2.The possibillity of creating multiple (spammed) doorway pages will be risky to use and might get your site banned from the engines. Dorways need to be designed by knowlegdable humans aware of the spam regualations for each engine.

3.There is no way to filter out engines not appropiate for your site (It will submitt a porn site to a "christian link" engine", a personal homepage to a "buisiness search" engine ect). This is a MAJOR drawback.

4.Many submissions fails. However free updates are released regulary.

5.The "rank check feature" is totally useless.

Presently it seems that Promotion Artist might have been relesed to soon. It still has some major drawbacs to fix. However it have some usefull features and might become a good program with time.

Personally I`m currently using another submittion program, Submit Wolf Pro. You can get a free demo at: http://www.msw.com.au/swolf

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