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Re: I got listed on Yahoo! Hey. me too!
From Michelle McIntosh at Uno Mas! Down Syndrome Online on 18 May '98
adding to pretty bizarre huh? posted by Pat

Yippee! I just got an email this weekend confirming my addition to Yahoo. I'm on top of the world. I have been trying for months and months and never got any kind of response whatsoever.

I have been studying Jim's suggestions on this website for a month or two. I was getting frustrated but just kept incorporating each tip, one by one. Finally, I emailed Yahoo support and told them why I thought my site was unique. A few days later.... bingo!

I took Jim's statement that "content is king" very seriously and tried hard to pack my site with real substance. I think that helped get Uno Mas! on Yahoo's directory.

I can't thank you enough, Jim!

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